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No Food; No Water; No School; No Hope;
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Goodbye Haiti.
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Little Haiti, Miami
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Little Haiti, Tijuana
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We need Haitian Solutions to Haitian Problems
Hon. Michaelle Jean
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Haitian Diaspora gathers for a solution
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The vision of the Federation is a successful worldwide representative organization of Haitian Diaspora chapters that together are a match for the problems they choose to address, both abroad and in Haiti itself.


Through its chapters, the mission of the Federation is to coalesce, inspire, and empower people of Haitian heritage to improve their and Haiti’s socio economic conditions.


The purpose is to build a bottom-up locally-governed chartered system — HDF/Fl, HDF/Midwest, HDF/Canada, HDF/ Bahamas — under one umbrella.

From Our Media Center:


MHAVE met with the Haitian Diaspora Federation

This Tuesday August 25, 2020 from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Minister of MHAVE Louis Gonzague E. DAY participated in a working meeting by videoconference with the HAITIAN FEDERATION OF THE DIASPORA.

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