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Our Accomplishments

In a glance of hope, the following undertakings have created access, yielded meaningful results, and paved the road to consensus on ways to channel diaspora  resources — intellectual, professional,  educational, financial, charitable — towards its and the socioeconomic development of Haiti.

Temporarily taking over his seat, this then-9 years old Haitian American told Congressman William Delahunt, D-Mass, that he is determined to unseat him permanently unless the HOPE Bill passes. Overlooking are senior members of the League’s delegation. The Bill was passed. 

In 2008, The Haitian League, a cofounder of the federation, initiated the diaspora Unity Movement by launching the first Annual Diaspora Congress in Newark, New Jersey.  The purpose of the events are to explore and agree on ways to efficiently channel Diaspora resources –– intellectual, financial, educational, professional and charitable — towards Haiti’s sustainable development, independently or within the context of government programs, or with private development institutions:  banks, businesses, donor organizations and civil society. The Congress programs also present avenues where Diaspora leaders can discuss, debate, and reach consensus on plans and mechanisms to improve Haitian life abroad, and to better respond to the dire needs of millions in Haiti. Each congress gathered between 3-500 delegates.

A second Diaspora Unity Congress followed in 2009 at the Trump International Hotel in Miami, Florida. Lakou Haiti was adopted.

Delegates of the 2009 Global Haitian Diaspora Unity Congress listen to former US President Bill Clinton Address. 

Former US. presient, Bill Clinton addressed the Haitian Diaspora Unity Congress in Miami, Fl.

Former President Rene Preval (center) welcomed the Diaspora Unity Congress Resolutions, including Lakou Haiti, November 2009. Third left and first right are Frere Armand and Dr. Lauredan.      

The last Global Haitian diaspora Unity congress took place  in 2012 at the  Organization of American States Headquarters in Washington, DC. 

“We need Haitian Solutions to Haitian Problems”, former Governor of Canada, Michaelle Jean, told delegates of the 2012 Global Haitian Diaspora Unity Congress. 

On January 15, 2010, the Haitian League dispatched a 19-member delegation of nine (9) doctors, seven (7) nurses, one (1) emergency rescuer and two (2) support staff to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.  From its headquarters in Petionville, the team worked at Bernard Mews Hospital, performing surgeries, transporting patients to different hospitals, providing routine medical care, and coordinating logistics with other hospitals.  The league and partners also served daily some three hundred (300) plates of warm food to the hospitalized earthquake’s victims.  In May 19, 2010, The League partnered with the Haitian Diaspora Federation to honor the earthquake’s heroic workers, including Haiti’s Drs. Butar Brothers, CNN Anderson Cooper and others during the Flag Day Flag Day Celebration at the White House.

From Left to right, HDF’s Diana Taylor and Dr. Bernier Lauredan lead “art diplomacy” with Patrick Gaspard, National Security adviser to President Obama, during the May 19, 2010 honoring of the workers of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake at the White House. TPS was later granted.

On June 6, 2010, The Haitian Diaspora Federation sent a special envoy to the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (ICRH).

Between the 2010 and 2012 “Congress,” the federation partnered with the State Department Haiti office, USAI, other local organizations  to  continue to reach out to the Diaspora communities and their leadership by conducting Town Hall meetings held in states with large Haitian-American population including New York, New Jersey, Georgia Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois and Pennsylvania, to discuss and explore the involvement of the Haitian Diaspora in the reconstruction of Haiti.  Each Town hall meeting attracted 175-250 participants. Valuable information was collected on Diaspora perception, ideology, vision and availability for the reconstruction and development efforts.

Former vice President Joe Biden welcome HDF’s Delegation to address plights of Haitians in and out of Haiti. On the left is Dr. Lauredan, then vice president of the Federation, presenting Lakou USA, 2012.

In November 2013, Dr. Bernier Lauredan and other HDF Committee on Migration’s members met OAS’ Assistant Secretary Ramdinto to urge sanctions of Dominican Republic’s denationalization of Dominicans of Haitian  descent.

In November 2013, the HDF’s delegation — Dr. Bernier Lauredan, Judge Sybil Elias, and Bernice Fidelia, former Minister of Diaspora — presented the OAS and the State Department recommendations to President Martelly.

Much More Remains to be Done

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