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Africa is Haitians’ motherland.  However, according to Theodat (2006), 25,000 Haitians live in Africa. The number may have increased or decreased since then. In the 1960s and 1970s Congo used to absorb a lot of teachers from Haiti. Recently, though, Congo has been substituted by Senegal, especially after the 2010 earthquake.

Indeed Senegal’s president,  Abdoulaye Wade, openly welcome Haitians after the Earthquake: 

“Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal”, President Abdoulaye Wade said.

Senegal offered free land for repatriation of haitians affected by the earthquake in Haiti:

“The president is offering voluntary repatriation to any Haitian that wants to return to their origin,” added Mr Wade’s spokesman, Mamadou Bemba Ndiaye.

Senegal is assisting Haiti in building capacity for its development:

On 13 Oct 2010, Senegal welcomed 163 Haitian university students to Dakar Wednesday. Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade, offered them free education after an earthquake devastated their island nation in January”, Reported  Africa’s Anne Look, 

However, the majority of Haitians in Africa is reported to be in transit. 

Wave of migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia appears in Chiapas”,  published the newspaper El Universal on Tuesday, March 12, 2019; 

“Migrants from the Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Haiti crossed into Mexico from Guatemala in the final days of February and the first week of March”, reported  El Universal.

“They are applying for transit visas in order to travel to the US border”, the publisher added. 

As a result, the number of Haitians in Africa  today is not known. However,  Senegal seems to be the home of Haitians in Africa today. Therefore a senegal-based Haitian diaspora federation of Africa subchapter is to be  annexed to the Haitian Diaspora Federation of France.


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