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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Bernice Fidelia
Vice President, Public Relations

Currently Bernice Fidelia Morris is a business consultant and vice president for public relations of The Haitian Diaspora Federation. Formerly, she was Haiti’s Minister of the Diaspora, Executive Director of The Haitian American Historical Society, District Director of Miami Dade County, and Chief of Staff  for North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin. Bernice Fidelia holds a BS degree from the State University of New York, Brooklyn College, and a master’s degree in hospitality management from Florida International University.

Jacques Jiha, PHD
Vice President, Finance

Dr. Jacques Jiha is the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Finance. His public service includes stints with the Ways and Means Committee of the New York State Assembly as the principal economist and executive director of the New York State Legislative Tax Study Commission. He was formerly the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Black Enterprise. Jacques holds a PHD in Economics from New School, New York.

Hon. Sybil M. Elias esq
Vice President, Legal Affairs

Judge Sybil M. Elias currently presides on assignment in Newark New Jersey Superior Court. She was formerly a Municipal Judge the municipalities of East Orange and Irvington, NJ. She holds a BA from Rutgers University and a Juris. Doctorate from George Washington University’s Law School. 

Central Committee

Currently Dr. Bernier Lauredan is medical director for Immunotek BioCenters,co-founder and  president of The Haitian League, and co-founder and North America Co-chair of The Haitian Diaspora Federation. He is the former president of The United Caribbean African Alliance and member of the Board of Essex Urban League. A recipient of Commendations for community leadership from New Jersey Governor Christine Tod Whitman, US Congress, and U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton, he holds a BS degree in Public Health from the State University of New York and MD degree from CETEC University .

Dr. Latortue is presently the chair of the School of Economics, Notre Dame University (Haiti) and Latin Americas and Caribbean’s co-chair of The Haitian Diaspora Federation. He is the former chair of the School of Economics, University of Puerto Rico. He holds a PHD degree in economics from the State University of New York.

Dr. Jean Marie Théodat is professor and researcher at Panthéon Sorbonne University and co-chair . Formerly he was president of Henri Christophe University (Cap Haitian, Haiti) and Director of the Caribbean Office of the Agence Universitaire Francophone. Author of ‘“les Haitian dans le monde”, he holds a PHD from sorbonne University, Paris.   

Carine Deshommes is a Senior Financial Advisor at Broward College, Host of Serious Talk TV and Special Envoy of The Haitian Diaspora Federation of Florida. She holds a BA in Social Sciences from Slippery Rock University.  

Franceska Edouard is a second year student at Florida State University double majoring in Psychology and Political Science on a Pre-Law Track. She plans to use the skills and knowledge that she is acquiring during her collegiate career to become a civil and human rights attorney and a politician. Her main goal is to become an attorney to represent underserved populations, get into local politics, become governor of Florida, a United States Senator, and later become Speaker of The House. She plans to use her knowledge to help minorities and ensure advancements within communities of lower socioeconomic status by providing vital resources in underserved communities to ensure equality within the justice system and that everyone has equal opportunities to prosper despite their race, gender, and background. 

Bernadette Guirand
Executive Director

Bernadette Leger Guirand is an instructor/lecturer at Florida A&M University in the School of
Business & Industry. As an educator, she implements teaching practices and strategies to create
inclusion, students’ engagement, and motivation for teaching/learning. During her tenure, Mrs. Leger
Guirand presented a research at the Global Education Conference that took place in Montreal, Canada
at the University of Montreal. She also presented her research paper to colleagues practitioners, and
administrators at the National Association of African American Studies in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Leger
Guirand has associated her classroom experiences to formal discussion and research in both
Methodology of Educational Research and Foundation of Education / Education & Society Courses.
Her research papers title include “Adaptation of Information and Communication Technology to
Socio-cultural-economic background of the learners.”

Before coming to FAMU, Mrs. Leger Guirand co-founded IMATEXT S.A. (Based in Haiti) in
1998 and served as General Manager where she was involved in managerial and technical aspects
of the Desktop Publishing/Printing Company. She is the principal owner of two corporations in the
United States, one specialized in Technology, AGHEB TECHNOLOOGY and the other in General
Investment, AGHEB INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC with the purpose of acquiring Investment with a
goal to broaden the fields of activities for the partners. She is the founder and the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, the Joseph Laurore Foundation, Inc. with the mission to strengthen Unity among the Haitian to rescue Haiti and Children of Haitian Heritage. She is involved in several activities such as Palm Beach School Board as Steering Committee Member, in the preparation team for the Haitian Heritage Month. She co-founded and administrated the GONAVE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, INC (GDC). with the purpose of implementing a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in La Gonave as a pilot sustainable socio-economic development program for Haiti in partnership with the Government of Haiti.


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