By way of introduction, the Haitian diaspora is scattered in 5 continents — the Americas (latin America and the Caribbean and North America), Europe,  Africa, and Asia.  Because of quantity, geography and geopolitic, LAC and North America shall have continental status, and the last 3 continents — Europe, Africa, and Asia, along with their territories  —  shall be grouped together as one continent status. This is, quantitatively, supported by Theodat [1], whose extensive study on Haitian immigration — “Les Haïtiens dans le Monde” —  is resumed in the above graph. 

Noteworthy is Haiti is in the Caribbean (C in LAC) and haitian migration follows tropical climate and Employment and Education opportunities. Therefore each Country/Region federation will highlight the country’s profile, history, economy, migration challenges, and resources available for engagement.

Chapters of the Haitian Diaspora Federation by Region

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